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A new rating community for Final Fantasy Dissidia!
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24th-May-2012 01:08 am(no subject)
〖tales of xillia〗

ff_land is a challenge community dedicated for FF games. We'll lots of challenges, discussions and well, fun obviously. If you're interested in joining, check out ff_land's profile for more info. Please remember to submit your application at ff_classchange in order to get sorted into a team and become a part of the community.
*** If you join, tell them the_404_error and grimoire sent you!
15th-Dec-2011 04:28 pm(no subject)
〖tales of xillia〗

crystallis_rate crystallis_rate crystallis_rate

A stamping community for the Fabula Nova Crystallis project which included the infamous Final Fantasy XIII, it's sequel, Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. If you love the games, you should definitely check it out. It has beautiful stamps, awesome application and I am sure it will be made of awesome.
18th-Feb-2011 12:28 pm - Promotion
Breyzy & Yin: talking in twin code

~capcom_rating: a new rating community devoted to CAPCOM video games!~

Thank you very much to the mods for allowing us to post this! ♥
6th-Jan-2011 06:48 pm - Relationship Theme
Obi-Wan ♔ ❝ Keep looking forward. ❞
Users: grimoire & ehrgeiz

'The paths to our crystals may be different for each of us, but we've strength in our allies.'Collapse )
Important! Please remember vote based on how characters interact with each other instead of which two characters our personalities are closest to.
10th-Dec-2010 10:34 pm - cameo matchmaker mirror
sailor moon ▹ minako
Name: Laura
Previously Stamped as: Bartz [regular] Zidane [match] Cloud [mirror match] Firion [mirror] Locke [cameo personality] Palom & Penelo [cameo mirror] zidane's outfit [outfit] battle 1 [song] moogle [summon] mandragora [summon mirror] bow [weapon] daggers [weapon mirror] Bartz&Zidane [relationship]

Cameo MatchmakerCollapse )
5th-Dec-2010 04:28 am - Mirror theme (restamp)
「tv」 lydia → hide and seek
Name: Natalie.
Age: Seventeen.
Previous stamp/s: Cecil.

Who's THAT handsome devil?Collapse )
8th-Nov-2010 02:29 pm - Mirror theme.
→ luca
Name: Yingyu
Age: 16
Previous stamp/s: Terra [regular], Zidane [matchmaker & mirror matchmaker], Porom & Penelo [cameo mirror], Cloud's KH Dissidia Outfit [halloween], Four hearts [song], Bartz/Zidane/Squall [team]

Who's THAT handsome devil?Collapse )
20th-Nov-2010 02:50 pm(no subject)
〖tales of xillia〗
We're sorry for not posting a new theme this month but this is all my fault ._. I haven't had much time for rating communities recently but I promise to try better next month and help the_404_error who has been doing a great work here. In the meantime...

Please vote on these unstamped applications.
Thank you.
12th-Nov-2010 11:08 am - Mod Post
We have a lot of applications which still need votes, especially these two as they've been waiting a long time.

You can find all of the unstamped applications here. Please vote on them if you have the chance and/or want applications to move out of the queue faster and for more themes to continue.

As a reminder, you can still apply for the Halloween Theme until November 15th, just in case you want to dress up for a random day in November. ;X The Cameo Matchmaker Theme, like all other themes, is always open. I also apologize if any of the stamps I make end up looking different from the samples... my computer completely crashed, and I'm unable to recover the original .psd files.
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